Love it or despise it, traditional interior design is never going out of style. As humans, we will always find fascination and comfort in our lineages and cultures. Anything that adds a sense of identity to our personal spaces will have a special place in our hearts. Rajasthani Interior design is something famous worldwide for its characteristic vibrant appeal. The decor forms a part of India’s traditional fabric.

Contrary to what most people believe, Rajasthani interior design is far from expensive. The myth is kept alive by the daily TV soaps featuring lavish Havelis from the region. The truth remains that you don’t need to splurge endlessly to create a beautiful private abode for yourself.

Here are the top 5 Rajasthani Interior design ideas (Other than the Jharokha) that can help you bring a royal touch to the most mundane nooks and corners of your house!


1. Miniature Paintings

Very few things can turn a dull living room into an aesthetically pleasing ambience where you never run short of quality conversations!
An excellent choice in art decor can help you leave your guests swooning over your walls.

As the age-old adage goes, “A picture is worth more than a thousand words!”. Miniature paintings carry the forgotten tales of history that incites the feeling of respect and courtesy for the ancestors. Traditionally, miniature paintings in the Rajasthani interior design scheme feature the lives of Rajputs.

The art form initially brought by the Mughals in the 16th century became integrated into the cultural fabric of Rajasthan and now consist of Mewar, Marwar, Hadoti, and Dhundar schools.

While the original handmade paintings are financially out of reach for most of the people, the replicas can work just fine for a classy interior decor! The Hathi Pol Market in Udaipur is famous for selling these paintings at reasonable rates.


2. Kathputli (Puppetry): an essential for Rajasthani Interior Design

Puppetry is a traditional entertainment that goes back over a thousand years. Kath means wood and puthli means doll and these figures, covered beautifully in golds, reds, and yellows, are now the highlight of the Indian interior design scheme!

Rajasthani interior design

Typically, these dolls are depicting a scene from the epic Indian cultural heritage like a scene from the Mahabharata. Puppets can work well with small triangle or square-shaped mirrors hanging on a thread at the doorway.

Most of the traditional interior design elements like these puppets are available in Sadar Bazaar in Pushkar.


3. Soft Furnishings for Rajasthani Interiors

rajasthani interior design

Handicrafts are not the only asset in the Rajasthani tradition; the textiles from Rajasthan are another commodity celebrated across the country and worldwide.

Block prints mirror work and embroidery- You name it! Rajasthani interior design scheme comes with a broad spectrum of designs.

Take the liberty of modifying your soft furnishings according to your taste. With block printed small, square pillows on your low-seats and a handwoven, bright-hued rug, you create the perfect transitional interiors for your modern home.

Or you can go for electric blue or burnt orange fabric wall hanging and pair it up with an elegant, wooden jharokha painting. Intricately woven, multicoloured tapestries create the splashes of bold colour when needed.

4. Low Seatings: Graceful Rajmahal Interiors!

Rajasthani Interior design

The Rajasthani interior design is incomplete without low seatings from the times of the royal durbar!
A low seating system adds a touch of grandeur and royalty if it matches the theme of the interiors.
Private spaces like the bedrooms can have two-person beds with cushions or bolster sporting embroidered Rajasthani quilts and sheets.

A low hanging swing, the jhula, can be something fundamental in the Indian interior design scheme. Additionally, a table with cushioned chairs made of wood with motifs of inlays can amplify the royal appeal further.