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From the spiritually inspiring design from the South to the vibrant, bold colour palette of Rajasthan, each corner of India’s cultural fabric has its style. Like other traditional interior design schemes from the country, Kashmiri interior design is in demand all over the world because of a serene and calm aesthetics it provides. 

The Kashmiri aesthetics and handicrafts teleport the person to a shikara rowing away softly on Dal Lake. Inspired by Persian and Arabic design styles, Kashmiri style decor is all about skillfully crafted carved woods, plush rugs, rich fabrics, and stunning aesthetics. 

Here are the 4 Kashmiri Interior Design Ideas for building a perfect soulful abode for yourself! 

1. Kashmiri Rugs 

kashmiri interior design

The first impression is critical for designers. Layers of vibrant and earthy colours and textures complementing each other show up at the entrance of the home, with walls bearing stunningly attractive woollen Kashmiri printed rugs.   

Putting artistic rugs on the wall as a wallpaper gives a sense of traditional flavour at the entrance itself, mentally preparing the visitor for what to expect. Some indoor plants right across the wall can help provide a contrast. 

White ceramic planters or decorative items can give a hint of Kashmir Valley at this part of the house. 

2. Living Room in the Shikara

The living room has to be formal while also glorifying your splendid taste in design. Recreate your living room with a big floor seating arrangement adjacent to the large windows that provide enough lighting. Bring your living room into the interiors of the cosy Shikara by creating a canopy style seating with handwoven fabrics. Complete the design with cushions and a floor size cashmere carpet. 

With a touch of sophistication and artsy aesthetics, this Indian interior design scheme can transform your house into a beautiful ambience that you would never want to leave!

kashmiri interior design

3. Kashmiri Interior Design is incomplete without Carved Wooden Mirrors.

It is the skill that matters. Therefore, while choosing the furnishing, it is important to have local walnut wood carved furniture. A glorious tradition kept alive for years; Walnut wood carving is one of the most popular ornamental crafts of the Kashmiri tradition. 

With diverse designs and motifs, the Kashmiri interior design is incomplete without these elements. Having wooden carvings can spruce up your place in Kashmiri aesthetics once you get your hands on them! 

Big mirrors with carved wooden frames in the hallway, dining area or even the porch can add immense value to your interiors. 

4. Artistic Corner

kashmiri interior design

With transitional interior design getting into the picture, having modern luxurious designs with Mughal aesthetics of the shahi durbar can help you translate your taste into reality! 

Having a cosy corner at home decorated in Kashmiri interior design style will leave your guests, friends and family swooning! Add some wooden easels, Mughal miniature paintings, and a sofa with a contrasting shape to create a splash of culture that never goes out of style.

Additionally, look out for some plump cushions, faux fur blanket and you are good to go. This area can be perfect for you to enjoy that perfect coffee in the morning, or better yet, go for the Kashmiri Kahwah to match the vibe!