An overwhelming majority of people in urban cities are living in apartments. In these homes, usually, the only outdoor interaction is by a balcony. Unfortunately, the balcony interior design gets sidelined, and as a result, the area is turned into a haven for junk.

The interior design of balcony and other similar spaces can be especially vulnerable to poor designing. Either the balcony is left entirely untouched, or it turns into a pile you just want away from your living room!

Here are 8 balcony interior design ideas to make the most of this understated space and improve upon the functionality and aesthetics of your interiors!


1. Bring your living room out in the open!

balcony interior design


A cosy couch, a coffee table, armchairs and a warm rug are the only things you need to bring your living room out in the open! The furnishing will be easy on your wallet and open doors to a world of opportunities for your home’s interior design.

Having cheesy get-togethers at sunset with friends and family in the balcony is a one of a kind experience in the hectic city life.


2. Cultivate a garden

So you don’t have a place for a garden in front of your door or on the terrace? No worries.

balcony interior design


Your balcony is an excellent alternative to a lush green garden you have always imagined as part of your home. Look out for exotic indoor and outdoor plants, couple them with few pieces of appropriate furnishings and you are good to go!


3. Traditional Design

balcony interior design


Carve out the dreamy balcony interior design as Commune Design implemented in this design. Upholster the chair cushions in splashes of contrasting hues and add some cosy traditional decor to the place.

The balcony being an outdoor space can present with a few privacy issues, therefore make sure you add a few curtains to suit your traditional taste!


4. Perfect for mini-vacations

balcony interior design


Suppose space is not an issue for you. In that case, you can try incorporating lounge chairs instead of the usual patio furniture people use. Add a hammock for recreating a cosy vacation vibe to your place!

A basic coffee table can be added to complete the balcony interior design perfect for mini-vacations!


5. Unwind Here!

balcony interior design


Add a comforting spiritual aura of candles coupled by a Papasan chair in the corner to further enrich the bohemian interior style of your place.

The balcony with candles can be a soothing space for you to relax and unwind throughout the day once you put your ideas on the pedestal!


6. Value your privacy

balcony interior design


Privacy can be a real issue in apartment living. With shared balconies, the privacy of your space is very much compromised.

Consider adding room dividers to create a lovely secluded space for yourself. Also, instead of using those bulky, oversized couches, go for slim pieces like benches, especially if you are short on space!


7. Bare Bedroom Balcony Design

balcony interior design


In case you are blessed with the bedroom facing the balcony, you need to get rid of every unwanted piece in the balcony that blocks the view. Let the balcony take over your bedroom interior design as an essential element.

The bedroom will instantly feel more spacious, airier and beautiful with an open balcony.


8. Glass Rails for a modern touch

The glass rails allow a sweet immersion of the skyline with your interiors.

balcony interior design


Especially if your interiors are modern and contemporary, the use of glass rails allows a consistent extension of your home into the interior design of balcony!

These eight balcony interior design ideas can be immensely useful for significantly improving the visuals and functionality of your design.