With the festival of lights right around the corner, people are looking for Diwali decoration ideas to enhance their home interiors. In this article, we present eight easy and budget-friendly Diwali decoration ideas for home that will help you prepare for the occasion!

1. Deep clean your place

It goes without saying that cluttered interiors with dust and junk all around your furnishing are unattractive. This Diwali, make it a point to deep clean your house. Address every nook and corner of your place, and you will be surprised with the results!

Dry cleaning the soft furnishing, sofas and cushions can be an excellent way to start.

2. Chandeliers with Hula Hoops

diwali decoration ideas for home

Looking for some cheap lighting ideas for home?

Get a hula hoop and tie those affordable LEDs all around to create a compelling lighting decor element. Wind the string lights randomly or in a pattern that suits your taste, and you have yourself an exquisite chandelier!

This budget-friendly DIY project will save you the hassle of going through lighting woes in the middle of a reunion.

3. Mason jar lights

diwali decoration ideas for home

Home decoration ideas for Diwali revolve mostly around lighting.

Another super-affordable DIY decor for your interiors is a set of Mason jar lanterns. Placing string lights in an empty jar and turning the switch on doesn’t seem like a lot of work, right?

Place these lanterns in the living room or hang them in places like entryways, galleries and balconies and watch the blissful spiritual aura take your place!

4. Create an accent wall

diwali decoration ideas for home

Maybe its that time of the year when you reconsider the colour palette of your design scheme. If reshuffling the colours is a task on your list, we highly recommend creating an accent wall for your interiors.

The accent wall is the highlight of your design taste and should be in a view accessible to the people visiting you.

Additionally, investing in colour is not the only way to do this. Accent walls work perfectly well with wallpapers, murals, decal designs or stencil art!

5. Craft your lampshades

diwali decoration ideas for home

We can’t stop with the lighting!

There are a plethora of Diwali decoration ideas for home with easy tutorials and DIY projects that won’t cost you much. Invest a few afternoons and work on these crafty techniques that have the potential to significantly improve upon the aesthetics of your place!

Start with drawing your favourite patterns on rectangular pieces of paper and add small holes with a needle or a compass. Fold the paper into a convenient cylinder, keep it over the lamp and dim your CFLs and voila!

6. Diwali designs for Thalis

diwali decoration ideas for home

Use special quilling paper rolls beside your thalis for glorifying the traditional appeal of your home.

Circular or elliptical patterns around the lamp will create a beautiful spiritual aura that will significantly brighten your interiors!

Consider using these adorable decor elements at spaces like doorways and windows to add more versatility to your design scheme.

7. Use traditional decor ideas for home

diwali decoration ideas for home

Basic home decoration ideas for Diwali like the traditional terracotta diyas and rangoli at the entrance with flowers are essential for the festive season. This tip seems very obvious, yet many people fail to see past the clichéd diyas!

Create a beautiful Urli with a terracotta bowl. Add some water and decorate with gorgeous flower petals, floating diyas or modern wineglass candles!

Make sure the outdoors doesn’t escape your attention and your interiors blend intently with the facade. Decorate your exteriors with terracotta figures, diyas and colourful pots!

8. Sequin and Tassel Hangings for popular areas

diwali decoration ideas for home

Magnify the appeal of your accent wall, living room, hallway wall or the stairway with these cheap and straightforward additions. The beautiful reflection of the lighting all around your place from these adorable hangings will instantly create compelling results for your home!

These lovely Diwali decoration ideas for home are highly affordable and therefore, can instantly ramp up the aesthetics of your abode on this beautiful occasion.