Interior design is a dynamic field. With continuous shifts in the pop culture and mainstream social media, different styles and schemes keep coming into the picture. From traditional earthy design schemes to more modern minimalistic designs of lines and surfaces, the spectrum of interior design is vast. Therefore it is essential to keep up with the changing styles and aesthetic sense of the society. Here are the eight best interior design books to develop a knack for efficient design and flourish: 

1. Mark Hampton on Decorating by Mark Hampton

best interior design books

Mark Hampton is a prominent figure in the industry today. As the Architectural Digest’s interiors and garden director, Alison Levasseur writes:

“[It] covers everything from window treatments to how deep colours make a room look. Tips can be found on every page, such as ‘Coral is a splendid colour for dining rooms’ or ‘Blue and white porcelain looks wonderful against green,'”.

The is a must-have to develop a supreme intuition for great designs. 

2. Inspired Design: 100 most important designers of the past 100 years, Jennifer Boles

best interior design books

This interior design book provides an enchanting glimpse into how the understanding of interior design has changed over the years. As the title says, this book is a compilation of projects from the past 100 years of modern history. 

This book is a tribute to the people who influenced the interior design. This compilation inspires the reader to take unconventional routes to develop their understanding of the field.  

3. The Colour Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors by Anna Starmer 

best interior design books

The title couldn’t be more appropriate!

With extensive experience in interior designing, Anna Starmer has worked on projects from all over the world. This book is a reference for interior designers with 200 colour scheme ideas. It also includes about 50 palettes that an interior designer can combine with different materials to create innovative colour schemes. 

The seminal work discusses how the different colours interact and affect the mood of a room. It is one of the essential books for interior designers to have a way around colour schemes.

4. Interior Design Masterclass by Carl Dellatore 

best interior design books

This is one of the best interior design books for those just getting into the practice. With about a hundred essays written by top interior designers, the book provides a comprehensive view of a variety of subjects and divisions in the field. 

Featuring writings from professional designers like Bunny Williams and Kelly Wearstler, the book stands true to its name!  

5. The Interior Design Business Handbook: A Complete Guide to Profitability by Mary V. Knackstedt

best interior design books

This book for interior designers talks about business and a comprehensive account of the strategies to make it big in the field. From solo companies and small firms to huge design companies, the book is a must-have for people looking to establish a glorious practice.

Mary V. Knackstedt presents brand building, client development, social networking and internet marketing, finance, technology and software and other vital aspects of a successful interior design business.

6. Design-Ology For Women In Charge: Truths and Lies About Interior Design by Sheryl McLean


best interior design books

In this book, internationally acclaimed design expert Sheryl McLean presents 30 years of her experience in the field of interior design. 

Her teachings on how to bring happiness by incorporating various design elements, how to evoke joy and renew spirits through interior design are a must-read for the contemporary interior designers. 

7. Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating by Lauren Leiss

best interior design books

Lauren Liess is the creator of the famous blog Pure Style Home, talks about her signature aesthetic designs: adding vintage to the contemporary, quirky with sophisticated, and bringing hints of outdoors within the four walls. 

Widely acclaimed as one of the best interior design books this book presents valuable lessons on the basics of interior design, from lighting to furniture layouts—to what Liess call “intangibles” that ultimately give a significant appeal to space. 

8. Kitchen and Bath Design: A Guide to Planning Basics by Mary Fischer Knott

best interior design books

Designing kitchens and bath spaces are tricky business. Interior designers exemplify their technical and aesthetic knowledge in these spaces. 

In this interior design book, Mary Fischer Knott provides three-dimensional drawings and corresponding photographs of different designs to develop an enhanced functioning of the spaces. It offers comprehensive account on construction, plumbing, and electrical systems and stresses upon the use of green elements for eco-friendly settings. It is one of the best interior design books for students as well as design professionals.

Developing the skill of design and architecture is not an easy road to take. These books for interior designers will help immensely in honing your skill and can be the inspiration you are looking for!