Interior designers Pooja Mehra and Shweta Sharma went forward with a traditional interior design scheme while designing this apartment in Delhi. The owners, young working professionals, were looking for an exotic place intended for convenience and aesthetics both.

The spaces exhibit a transitional design, a sweet conglomeration of tradition and contemporary, that is increasingly becoming popular in the world today. Traditional Indian interior design brings a warm exotic appeal to the spaces in the house.

The Living Room

Maintaining a formal look in the living room while adding traditional elements was a challenge. The neutral colour palette with floral and geometric accents are the highlights of the design. With shades like gold, teal and deep red, the overall ambience resembles the interiors of a palace.

traditional interior design

Typical transitional interior design has a focus wall with limited accessories. The artwork on the focus wall in the living room is the main attraction and leaves the guests drooling with the accent colours- red, teal and gold.

The furnishings in the living room (the coffee table, side tables and sofas) were customised by the interior design team in traditional styles. Additionally, a metallic side table and textured, colourful cushions created a modern appeal.

The Dining Room

With blue, fully upholstered and tufted dining chairs, the dining-cum-living room adds a relaxed appeal to space. The use of marble top dining table for ease and practicality shows the functionality of the Indian interior design in areas like these. The elegant wooden crockery cabinet with crackled mirror makes an essential contribution to the storage needs.

traditional interior design

The chandeliers & tufted chairs added a traditional element, while the beige curtains’ with geometric pattern gave the space a contemporary touch, overall crafting a perfect transitional ambience.

The Master Bedroom

traditional interior design

With beautiful straight lines and soft curves, the traditional interior design permeates to the master bedroom of the house. Add to that another layer of traditional interior design scheme of neutral colours and woodwork. The traditional tufting technique is evident in a stunning tufted headboard while a more trendy pale blue colour used for the fabric brings out a calm modern ambience.


The Study

traditional interior design

This space carries a lot of opportunities for the designer to show their skill. Traditional interior design is highlighted here by the use of classic pieces of furniture designed in straight lines. The unique nesting tables and metallic lamps hold a much needed modern significance in style.

With imperial maps framed as artworks, the elegance of traditional interior design comes into the picture!

The Guest Bedroom

traditional interior design

In the guest bedroom, the neutral colour palette with splashes of red through furnishings and flowers provide a soothing abode for the guests to rest.

The floral fabric, silver and blue shades along with unique lamps add a minimalistic and modern style to the bedroom, while the traditional touch is because of the type of the bed with posts and vintage nightstands.


The Family Room

traditional interior design

Unlike the living room, this space is an informal area for the family to relax and unwind. The red colour and lively patterns bring in the energy and fun to this room.

This home is one of the success stories of traditional Indian interior design in action. The style carries a sweet and exotic fragrance of tradition and culture and mixes it into a potpourri of modern minimalistic interiors! With a clutter-free and balanced approach, the designers aced the owners’ demand for creating a relaxed ambience blending convenience and aesthetics!

Image Courtesy: Ravi Dhingra