The bedroom interior design is one of the most crucial parts of your home’s interiors. This is a private space that has to be decorated with care. With new bedroom colour ideas rapidly surfacing in a versatile design world, the bedroom colours for small rooms carry particular relevance.

Most of the urban living is moving towards apartment styles small houses. Creating functionality out of small spaces can be a daunting task. Therefore, if you have a space constraint in your home’s interior design, here are five glorious bedroom colours for small rooms to help you ace the style!

1. Curvy, whimsical and pink luxury

bedroom colours for small rooms


Neutral tones are the golden choice for spaces like bedrooms that require a calming ambience. This whimsical bedroom appears to be straight out of the gardens of Eden!

This Brooklyn townhouse from designer Jonathan Berger expresses a refined taste in curves, femininity and relevance. The suzani from eBay, the curvy headboard covered in Bouvelle Orleans and the cut velvet from Clarence House complete the design.

And it doesn’t end there! Notice the antique Napolean III rope ottoman’s exceptional appeal adorned with Aubusson tapestry that adds a French country scent to the bedroom interior design!

2. Lush black for bedroom colours for small rooms

bedroom colours for small rooms


While the lighter shades have found application in bedroom interior design worldwide, the darker shades can instantly make a room bigger!

The soft black shade creates an illusion of depth that does all the amplification of small rooms. The smooth black hue in this design expresses sheer intimacy and fits exceptionally well with the room’s tone!

3. Cream for neutral bedroom interior design

bedroom colours for small rooms


We get it! Neutral tones are the number one priority for people giving their bedrooms a facelift.

Beige hues aren’t dull. This versatile, warm and inviting shade brings the best out of your bedroom interior design. The beautiful contrast with other decor elements in the design shines over the design.

Notice the canopy bed design creating a perfect ambience for a serene setting. This colour is bound to remind you of long walks on the beach!

4. Blue for bedroom colours for smaller rooms

bedroom colours for small rooms


Creating a well-lit room in this bedroom interior design was a challenge for the designers behind Arent & Pyke.

In case you have a thing for darker shades but aren’t looking to compromise the lighting, the steel-blue shade is just the thing for you!

Decorated with colourful linens that add personality, this space makes a strong case for blue. Moreover, the bright white ceiling and the modern bedside sconce keep the balance between bright and serene!

5. Go Navy

bedroom colours for small rooms


Speaking of the shade blue! Most of the bedroom colour ideas are related to the shade blue because of the unique soulful appeal of this shade.

With the luxurious quality of navy blue with stark white soft furnishing and art decor, this room presents a classic balance. Designed by Mally Skok, the playful patterns react positively with the deep blue walls, giving the room a stunning outlook!

Shuffling your colour palette with these five bedroom colours for small rooms can help you get the most out of your space’s functionality and aesthetics! Keep the creative spirit alive. Happy designing!

Picture courtesy: House Beautiful