The colour palette is most often the starting point in the design and decorating. This is the element that sets the stage for fabrics, decor and furnishing. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the colour palette, especially for the living room interior design. This post brings you five colour ideas for living room that present modernity, glorious aesthetics and immense functionality!

The living room is an important space in the house. It can be the spot for the most formal meetings, and it can equally function as a warm get together area for friends and family. Here are our favourite five living room colour ideas to get you started!

1. Colour ideas for living room: Glorious White

colour ideas for living room


White has to be one of the most often employed shades in modern design. The classic Victorian appeal of this beautiful shade is impossible to surpass!

This beautiful living room interior design from lawyer-turned designer Darryl Carter features extensive white backdrop use for a gallery like an outlook. The well-curated pieces of art, paired with the unparalleled luxury of marble benches and the fireplace lead to a wholesome experience for the guests!

2. Colour ideas for living room: Subtle Oak

colour ideas for living room


The serene appeal of neutral shades makes them one of the most important for spaces living rooms. Notice how the different wooden shades create a soulful atmosphere that overlooks Mexico city!

This living room interior design from Fernanda Loyzaga makes a strong case for neutral, woody tones. In case you’re looking for a simple, understated yet immensely functional colour palette, we urge you to go for light oak.

3. Colour ideas for living room: Soulful Blue

colour ideas for living room


Designers Nina Nash Long and Don Easterling went beyond the convention while designing a historic Atlanta home. Going for an expressive shade, they opted for the soulful powdery blue.

The mantel, trim, windows, walls and doors, all present a sweet visual continuity of powdery blue from Farrow & Ball.

4. Colour ideas for living room: Smoke Grey

colour ideas for living room


With the exposed concrete interior design, people are increasingly recognising the potential of adding grey to your colour palette. Once not a feasible colour option for living room interior design, the smoky grey shades present an excellent backdrop for midcentury and contemporary furnishing!

The pink porcelain tables from Djim Berger conglomerate exceptionally well with the Bergere armchair from Georges Jacob. At the same time, the clam chair from Philip Arctander completes the design.

5. Colour ideas for living room: Joyful Yellow

colour ideas for living room


Mark D. Sikes moulded a traditional room into a fresh outlook with the help of Farrow & Ball’s citron walls. The floral drapery and elegantly tufted sofa upholstery from Lee Jofa and Patterson Flynn Martin’s geometric rug create an exciting visual dynamic!

The living room colour ideas featured above can instantly help you reach your design aspirations. Whether you’re looking for a professional ambience or a joyful space for family reunions, the colour palette of your living room can make your life easier!

Picture Courtesy: Veranda