Looking for some holiday decorating ideas that can instantly infuse some festive appeal in your home? We got you covered.

Now that the holiday season is upon us, it is only normal for people to struggle with decorating their homes. In a world so much affected by a global pandemic, festivals are not the same. While you can’t have those cosy reunions with friends and family, you can certainly create a stunning home decoration for the people closest to you in the household. Here are eight holiday decorating ideas that will make for a memorable Christmas and new years!

1. Festive throw pillows

holiday decorating ideas


How to instantly make a cheerful ambience without spending a fortune on decorating?

Add the much needed festive appeal by using elegant Christmassy throw pillow in your favourite nooks in the house against the neutral backdrop of modern homes to spruce up your interiors.

2. Garland straight lines and stark surfaces

holiday decorating ideas


As in this design scheme, the felt holly leaf garland devoid of any needles is the perfect choice for garland in the kids’ bedroom.

Garlands are used in a variety of ways when it comes to Christmas decoration ideas; from creating an exciting dynamic around mirrors to featuring these easy additions around the bedpost.

3. Replace wreaths with ice skates

holiday decorating ideas


To make your home stand out, we suggest you go to unconventional Christmas decorating ideas. A good start can be by replacing the traditional wreaths with ice skates.

4. Combine silver and red

holiday decorating ideas


The colour palette is of immense importance. Why not try something new for a change this year?

Instead of going for the traditional green and red Christmas decoration ideas, go for something subtle yet powerful. The glorious combination of silver and red can light up a room with the festive appeal. Try using red decor with poinsettias, flashy banner and the festive tabletop trees, and you can let your woes to rest!

5. Watch before you discard

holiday decorating ideas


Keep your eyes open, and the design inspiration will never miss you.

Instead of going after those cheap festive candlesticks, do something creative this year. Wine bottles as candle stands are one of the most popular Christmas decorating ideas. Replace the labels with glitzy wrapping paper, add a couple of luxe ribbons and you’re good to go!

6. Bring in the wintry touch

holiday decorating ideas


Want to add a whimsical touch of winter into the arsenal of your holiday decorating ideas? Here’s a secret:

You don’t have to produce real frost to get that look. Mix faux fruit with white glitter and silver in a ratio of three and one. Your perfect wintry coating is ready!

7. Have a fireplace? Make it the focal point

holiday decorating ideas


Cosy up the fireplace. Add a string of garland, pinecones, tucking ornaments and magnolia leaves to create a festive ambience.

Instead of going after oversized sofas and chairs, watch out for a plush ottoman to add intimacy and warmth in your home design.

8. Snowflake coasters

holiday decorating ideas


In case you are good with a crochet needle, these snowflake coasters bring a lot on the table!

Stitch up snowflake coasters for your living room and stop worrying about getting the Christmas cocktails on your favourite tables!

The world is your oyster. Let your creativity run wild. These holiday decorating ideas can help you immensely in spending some quality time with the people closest to you in your life!