Social media for architects is increasingly gaining popularity in the world today. With a massive number of users from all over the world, social media is a very effective way for architects and designers to generate leads. But in this day and age, making your presence felt on social media is a difficult task. It isn’t easy to get recognized when practically millions of people are putting content out there every single day. 

Therefore, for your firm to grow big and get recognition, you can not afford taking shots in the dark! There has to be a social media strategy that works and gives you the desired results in minimal time. 

1. Choosing the right platforms forms the basis of an ideal social media strategy

There are several factors that you should take into consideration when selecting the platform. Some of these factors include an appropriate media form where you can post content, target relevant demographic, the goals of the company, and the effort you can put in to keep the social media account active.

Facebook can be a good place to start. With an easy-to-use interface and a huge user base, you can grow your firm significantly through Facebook. Another considerable advantage of this platform is that it can integrate with the other social media platforms and thereby can create a solid base. An ideal social media strategy is based on a connected set of platforms. 

Twitter is another micro-blogging platform. This platform has a timeline format. This focuses on those posts that gain a lot of attention. If you are a prolific architect, then there is a high possibility that your post will get a lot of likes and shares. Your tweets and hashtags can go trending and get you lots of recognition. 

Moreover, this platform also has huge advertising potential through various links. It has been observed that people in most cases, visit Twitter to check out the new stuff. So if you post regular updates, it will undoubtedly spread awareness among the people about your business. You will also be able to gain followers that would be a useful marketing tool.

When it comes to social media for architects, LinkedIn is the keystone that can be used for communication at a business to business level. It is, therefore considered to be an excellent place where you can build a good network while also creating a professional reputation. LinkedIn for architects can generate lots of leads for you very quickly and build a strong professional presence. 

2. Update your profiles and show your ideas!

Social media for architects is mainly meant to attract clients. To accomplish this, you will need to maintain an updated online presence. This will help you to divert their attention to your company. Additionally, you can post the latest updates about the present project or showcase the past projects in an online portfolio. You can also use attractive renderings that will grab attention on the internet. To diversify your feed, you can add new blog posts and content relating to your profession and link to your website. 

3. Networking is essential for your social media strategy to work!

One of the best social media strategies is to align with other professionals who are either directly or indirectly connected to the industry. These influencers are people who have already established themselves in the social media platforms. The reason why architects should have a touch with them is that these online personalities can help you promote your content. Apart from the influencers, the architects should also find various synergetic business personalities. These include mortgage brokers, building contractors, and project managers who have made it big on the internet.

In a competitive world as of today’s, a social media strategy is essential, especially for architects and designers.