In the 21st century, everything you need to know is available on the web. The skill of crafting efficient design schemes, however, doesn’t come easy. The knack for good design is rare. Therefore, the designers that focus on some of the understated spaces like the stairways and hallways trend all over the social media! Valuable corridor and stairway design ideas exemplify supreme limits of human design knowledge. 

However, let not the jargon of thick design books intimidate you. We present six amazingly creative designs that carve out functionality, convenience and aesthetics from the most understated places in the modern household! 

1. Art Deco based Stairway Design Ideas

stairway design ideas


There is a reason why modern designers flock to Art deco interior design styles for their most passionate projects. In a world of increasing design awareness, the collective artistic sense has come a long way!

This architectural staircase is from Arent & Pyke. The double frosted glass doors and burnt orange soft furnishing leading the visual line of sight to them. 

The wooden boundary instils the element of mystery and intrigue by concealing the stairsteps. The curved style introduces the house interiors to rhythm and harmony. 

2. Minimalist Stairway Design Ideas

stairway design ideas


This stairway structure from Hecker Guthrie is the epitome of minimalist interior design styles. It exemplifies what a sweet balance of form and function can achieve. 

The planned concrete floating steps take advantage of the natural aesthetics as the sun peeks through the spaces between the steps and creates varying shadow patterns all day long.

3. Convenient and Functional Stairway Design 

stairway design ideas


For this New York loft apartment from designers Bill Brockschmidt and Richard Dragisic, low space was the issue. Therefore, they had to come up with a style that adds functionality and convenience without compromising aesthetics! 

The staircase leading to the bedroom loft has bookshelves in the body, and the landing continues as a sideboard and bar.

4. Classic Stairway Design Ideas

stairway design ideas


Give your interiors a taste of a palace straight out of a fairytale!  

This classic iron bannister designed by Tasmin Johnson is elaborate and traditional. The modern wall art decor brings a different touch to the traditional interior design. This design can work well in the transitional interior design styles with timeless aesthetics!

5. Family-friendly Stairway Design Ideas

stairway design ideas


Pitch in some comfy furnishing to a standard stairway design, and there you have it! The space under the stairs turns into a precious spot for cosy moods!

Designer Matt O’Dorisio featured this for a family getaway. Built-in banquettes with drawers for board games add to the functionality of the style.

6. Modern Wood Stairway Design Ideas

stairway design ideas


Whether you are following the traditional interior design or the rustic style with a completely natural colour palette; You can’t disregard wooden elements! 

The material features in exotic design styles like the french county and cottage styles. Here, the beautifully crafted stairs of interlocking walnut wood are from the designer David Netto’s Southampton, New York, beach cottage.

In the end, you can never go wrong by experimenting with different styles and tastes according to your preference and space. Therefore, these stairway design ideas can provide you with the inspiration to create a stunning customized design that sweeps your guests off their feet (Not literally)!