There is a lot of info on the web to create a compelling design. An elegant design speaks to the conscience and relates to the design acumen of the inhabitant. However, as with other professions, design and decorating is not everyone’s cup of tea. The skill of crafting elegant, functional interiors is reserved for the best in the business. This article brings you four interior design tips to get your home a beautiful facelift!

There are a very small minority of designers who make it big in this field. Taking inspiration from their projects, you can get the home of your dreams!

1. Design small spaces with large artwork

interior design tips

Designer Tracy Morris from Tracy Morris Design speaks about decorating small spaces with large artworks. It is a typical thought process that large accessories and furniture might overwhelm the visual field.

However, Tracy sees through the delusion! Using a large piece of art as a focal attraction will make a space instantly appear more extensive and way more spacious. Instead of going for numerous decor items, keep your design’s visual appeal intriguing with a few large artworks.

Whether it is a foyer that needs a visual anchor or a small living room created out of nothing, a large artwork does the trick for most interior design styles!

2. Mix and match patterns

interior design tips

A textured ambience with multiple layers of patterns is something many of us look forward to. Christina Brant built her St. Frank brand on this idea. The colourful patterned textiles styled in creative combinations created a compelling audience for their company!

She speaks about contrasting the patterns in appropriate styles. For example, go for geometric and floral prints or combine the aesthetics of small scale and large scale designs and watch what happens!

Starting with the pillows can be an excellent way to test out your ideas. You can see what patterns match and look good without spending a fortune. Create an intriguing display of prints, geometry, colours and textures using your throw pillows, sofa, bed and complete the design with wallpapers and drapery!

3. Interior design tips: Keep the bed skirt in place

interior design tips

It is a common problem in your bedroom that often seems to be insignificant. However, the bed skirt continuously slipping off of bed can be annoying after a while.

Kattie Rafetto, the founder of Katie Rafetto interior design, talks about this hack that keeps the bed skirt in place. She advises on using the holster pins on the deck of the box spring. Pinning through the skirt top and box spring will keep the skirt hanging evenly and helps you avoid this annoying issue!

4. Interior design secrets: Use black colour for an accent

interior design tips

It is common knowledge that black colours are built for accents.

The founder of Studio Munroe, Emilie Munroe, loves to paint the window mullions charcoal black. With just one to two-inch thick trims that touch the glass and not the entire window, the accent can draw your eyes through each room.

These interior design tips from the best in the business can help your design endeavours once you get working. Regardless of the interior design styles, the options are endless! The world is your oyster. Good luck!