Earlier an element restricted to the industrial interior design styles, the exposed brick wall design is making appearances in different settings today. The exposed brick walls are an excellent candidate for infusing humane warmth and comfort in the greyish modern settings. With time, interior designers, as well as the amateur home decorators, are realising the potential of this sweet addition in the household.

So much of interior design revolves around customisations and personalisations. Crafting a plan that suits the client’s taste is in sync with their lifestyle and provides a lot of functionality is the primary goal of a professional. This post discusses the seven most valuable exposed brick wall decorating ideas that will help you create an elegant ambience without compromising on taste or style!

Exposed brick walls are super versatile. Throw caution to the wind and get ready to dive into different materials and textures for your home!

1. Exposed brick walls in the bedroom

exposed brick walls

The bedroom is a private space and requires a lot of warmth. How do you infuse warmth in modern and stark white interiors?

Add an accent wall in the room in the form of an exposed brick wall, install some art pieces going with the feel you’re good to go! The exposed brick walls introduce character and personality in the monotonous grey interiors.

2. Go gaga over colourful, exposed brick walls!

exposed brick walls

Nothing comes close to the vibrance these essential elements introduce in a space. The bright, vibrant splashes of colour over the rustic texture of bricks give an artsy appeal to the room!

This contemporary living room came to life with a stunning exposed brick wall design.

3. Perfect for modern living rooms

exposed brick walls

The use of exposed brick walls is one of the most popular interior design trends in 2020. Designers all across the globe are experimenting with bricks in formal spaces like the living room.

The living room carries immense importance in your design scheme. Therefore, functionality and convenience are of prime importance here. Look how elegant this modernist living room appears after the cosy introduction of exposed brick wall design on one side! The warm shades of bricks sweetly complement the greenery outside.

4. Rustic Kitchens with exposed brick walls

exposed brick walls

Notice how beautiful this small kitchen appears with the exposed brick walls. The accent wall provides an elegant touch of drama and character to the space that is difficult to miss!

The rustic touch of exposed bricks instantly ramps up the aesthetics of the space along with making it more warm and welcoming.

5. Experiment with the versatility of exposed brick wall design

exposed brick walls

When it comes to the rustic brick wall design, nothing is written in stone (pun intended!).

Experiment with a wide range of colour and textures, and you will be introduced to a world of possibilities!

As in the picture, a black exposed brick wall design can be strikingly beautiful in your bedroom. However, take care to balance things out. Unless you are designing for vampires, go for warm shades of wood and metal to even the tones.

6. Rock the unfinished brick walls

exposed brick walls

No, we are not kidding!

This fantastic design idea adds drama to space without much effort. The exposed brick walls show up after removing sections of plasters from your wall and work exceptionally well with the industrial style.

7. Graffiti for an artsy appeal

exposed brick walls

Graffiti and murals can instantly elevate the mood of your setting. These beautiful artworks will add drama and curiosity to your design scheme over modern aesthetics.

Exposed brick wall decorating ideas carry immense value in the design community today. Taking full advantage of the versatility, character and warmth of the exposed brick walls, modern designers are accomplishing excellent results!