The internet is a gold mine of DIY projects and decor ideas, especially for the festive season. But today most people are running short on time and think hard before they really implement any idea. In this article, we present seven lighting decoration ideas for Diwali that will instantly ramp up the aesthetics of your home’s interiors for the occasion!


1. Use metal wares

The use of copper and bronze utensils brings out the rustic appeal of the occasion and with the cosy diyas lighting all around, produce an extravagant display of spirituality. Use traditional decor elements like diyas and thallis in metal elements and create a safe and memorable Diwali!

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

2. Thread Lanterns

Thread lanterns are one of the most popular and easy to implement Diwali decoration ideas for home. You don’t even need to spend a lot of money on overpriced lighting solutions. Just grab a bottle of glue, a bowl, balloons and cotton yarn and put your creativity to the test!

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

Here’s how to proceed: Mix some glue with water in the bowl. Immerse the yarn entirely in the solution and keep it that way for some time. Take hold of a blown balloon and start winding the yarn around it in any pattern you desire. Keep it to dry for some time. Once the thread is all tough and dry, burst the balloon inside. Add string lights and voila! Enjoy the festive spirit.

This is one of the Diwali decoration ideas for home that work exceptionally well at entryways and near windows and balconies.

3. Paper cup lights

Lighting decor is never going to be this simple and easy to replicate!

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

Get a few paper cups from the kitchen, add crisscross cuts on the base and put some lights in through them. The paper cups will appear like mini-lampshades that will be too hard to miss in your home decor!

Put your mind to this, and you can quickly come up with compelling designs by introducing newer patterns, shapes and textures on these cups.

4. Wine bottle lamps

Sleek, modern and perfect for the occasion!

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

Once you look around your home, you will find a plethora of lighting decoration ideas for Diwali without spending a single rupee. Start noticing the waste that goes out of your home, recycle stuff and create a fantastic lighting experience this Diwali!

5. Lights on trees

Why not add a sweet flair of Christmas this Diwali?

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

If you have a beautiful garden with shrubs and trees, winding a few metres of string lights around these natural elements will not cost you a lot! An extension cord can immensely help with taking the party outdoors and acing the festive appeal!

6. Origami box lights

Just like you did with the paper cups, different boxes can be created out of pieces of paper. Add some holes with the help of a needle or a compass and create beautiful patterns that go well with your interiors.

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

Hang these box lights on the accent wall with previous years’ Diwali. This can be a nostalgic addition to your interior design.

7. Bangle Lampshades for Diwali decoration

lighting decoration ideas for diwali

Get hold of old bangles (or new ones) and glue them together. Add as many shades and patterns you can, and you can end up with beautiful lampshades. These glass bangles easily resist heat and therefore are excellent home decor ideas for Diwali.

DIY lighting decoration ideas for Diwali are simple and budget-friendly. You only need to put your mind to create your own design, and you will have it soon enough. We hope these Diwali decoration ideas for home help you recreate a memorable experience!