As the year comes to an end, we can’t help but dwell over the lessons 2020 has taught us. Regardless of how many bad things happened this year, now that we are headed towards a new beginning, we shouldn’t lose the festive spirit. This post presents seven New Year’s Eve decorations for your home that will make for the most fun evening of 2020!

When it comes to celebrations like the New Year’s, it all comes down to maximalism. We urge you to experiment with holiday decorating ideas on architectoniq. Let creativity drive your goals and remember nothing is set in stone. You can have a perfect minimalist setting for hosting your loved ones on the New Year’s too if that’s your taste.

1. New Year’s Eve decorations with Balloons

New Year's Eve decorations


Nothing looks more fun, chic and relevant in 2020 than these rose gold 2021 balloons. People in the design community are predicting this shade to rule the next decade. Why not give it a trendy start?

Having your accent walls adorned with these balloons make a perfect Instagram-worthy backdrop for all the selfies you’ll be taking here!

2. Holiday decorating ideas: Mirror Disco Ball

New Year's Eve decorations


The retro appeal of this cheap addition to your interior design is super noticeable.

When you’re hosting your buddies for an endearing get together this New Year’s, why not make your party disco-themed? Go for a silver backdrop, add flashy lights and you’re good to go!

3. Confetti Cannons

New Year's Eve decorations

Fredericks & Mae

These polka dot confetti canons are a must-have for the hour 2021 arrives! As far as New Year’s Eve decorations go, this is by far the most popular one.

4. Go unconventional with 3D LED essential oil diffusers

New Year's Eve decorations

Urban Outfitters

These super futuristic, yet simple additions to your party will instantly ramp up your design’s festive aesthetics while taking good care of the fragrance in your home interiors!

Making fair use of form and function as in this decor element, are rarely seen in holiday decorating ideas clogging the web.

5. Metal Leaf garland LEDs

New Year's Eve decorations

West Elm

As you might have guessed, it’s all about metallic accents when it comes to the New Year’s Eve decorations. The flashier, the better!

Wrap these beautiful garlands around your favourite furnishings, and you will never miss out on a memorable reunion with friends and family!

6. Use modern candlesticks for New Year’s Eve decorations

New Year's Eve decorations

Hawkins New York

There is a reason why we can’t stop recommending metallic accents in your decoration palette! Take a look at these glorious elements and decide for yourself.

Give your New Year’s eve an instant glow up even in the most neutral backdrops with multicoloured, mixed metal candlesticks that aren’t going out of style anytime soon!

7. Glow up with silver confetti balloons

New Year's Eve decorations


Still, missing a festive spirit in your home?

Give a boost to your space’s glittery aesthetics with these super affordable additions to your design scheme. Add silver confetti inside of clear balloons and place them in your party areas.

The options are endless for those with an eye for elegant decorating; from as clichéd as the New Year’s 2021 balloons to something as exclusive as metallic straws and candle stand. Let your creativity run wild and gear up for the perfect New Year’s eve decorations!